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Almond (Badam)


Rich in proteins, fiber and nutrients

Reduces risk of cholesterol and regulates blood sugar

Are a major brain food for children


Almonds are rich in proteins, fiber and nutrients. It reduces the risk of cholesterol and can regulate blood sugar. In India, almonds are considered a major brain food for children.

Additional Information
Nutritional information per 100 gram or per 100 ml: Energy - 630.15 Kcal ; Protein - 21.16 g ; Carbohydrate - 20.57 g ; Fat - 51.47 g ; Dietary fiber - 11.81 g ; Sodium - 7.01 mg.

Instructions for use: Eat it plain or roasted as a snack. Can be used as topping for sweets.

Net Weight: 250g, 500g, 1kg

Storage Information: Store in a dry place

Manufactured by: Indian Natural Farmer Producer Company Limited, 90A, Nasarathpet, Little Kancheepuram, Kancheepuram dist Pin - 631503, Phone - 044 67201049

Email: infpclindia@gmail.com

Country of Origin: India

Manufactured in: Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir

ISO 1 (Food Safety Management System): ISO 22000:2005-2612/FSMS/0818

ISO 2 (Quality Management System): ISO 9001:2015-2611/QMS/0818

FSSAI - 1 (Production, storage & Package): FSSAI 12419008001023

FSSAI - 2 (Marketing): FSSAI 12419008001023

Organic Certificate: ORG/SC/1803/000413-000415, ORG/SC/1706/001277, ORG/SC/1708/001657

Food Additives (if any)*: No additives, no colouring agents and no chemical preservatives

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian declaration: Vegetarian

Recyclability Information: -

Customer Care Email and Phone: customercare@bhumipride.com/ 044 67201049