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Farmlands to Families

Farmers work tirelessly in the fields, year after year, growing grains, fruits and vegetables. But their efforts remain unacknowledged and eking out a decent livelihood still remains a challenge to most. It is for these farmers that Bhumi Pride exists – to bring them to the forefront and ensure that they get their fair share of profits – in other words, we empower them so that they can grow with dignity, wealth and pride.

Our community of accredited farmers use sustainable farming practices and do not use pesticides or GMO seeds. They harvest from the earth by caring for the soil and the crops they grow.  Our consistent collaboration empowers them to choose the best crops for their farmlands, thereby improving the holistic health of the community and the environment at large. And when this happens, we grow together – through fair trade; heal together – by restoring ecological balance; and live better – by eating healthy, organic food that nourishes the body and soul. At Bhumi Pride, we want our farmers to not just grow, but grow with pride.

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Our Journey

What sets Bhumi Pride apart, is our strong connection with the farmers we represent. We work with them every step of the way – by forming farmers’ schools and teaching them modern and sustainable farming practices, by helping them focus on water and soil conservation through watershed development activities, by obtaining organic certification for their products and by an effective procurement process that ensures they get a fair and transparent price for their produce. We strongly believe in the collectivization of farmers through the formation of Farmer Producer Organisations, which ensures that by pooling their resources together, they are able to take advantage of economies of scale, improve incomes and reduce costs, as well as risks. And of course, our overall goal is also to change the way we eat by highlighting the benefits of healthier, organic food.

Bhumi Pride is supported by Indian Natural Farmer Producer Company Ltd (INFPCL) and is promoted by Helping Hands Trust, an organisation that focuses on marketing farmland produce and Self Help Groups (SHGs). At present, we have about 3200 farmers on-board from five districts in Tamil Nadu, who have been trained in and practise organic farming techniques.

We hope that you will take as much pride in eating our organically grown, healthy food as our farmers do in growing it for you!

Our Fresh Range

Farmer-guaranteed, sourced and packaged food for you and your family.

Our Process

Our well-organised structure has enabled farmers to merge traditional agricultural practices with agriscience, to transform local production at scale.