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Our Story

It is said that change can begin with a single individual. With an intention to create more sustainable farming practices and change the way people eat, a handful of farmers from Kancheepuram, Tiruvannamalai, Cuddalore, Tiruchirappalli and Salem came together in 2018.

They had a clear vision in mind – to grow and distribute truly farm-fresh produce free of chemicals and pesticides. They pooled in their resources and began working with Hand in Hand India, an NGO and with the Indian Natural Farmers Producer Company Limited (INFPCL).

These organisations work towards providing sustainable income to farmers by training them in sustainable farming, promoting organic production methods, collective procurement of produce, converting produce into value-added products and assisting in market services. Together, we felt we were on the cusp of something big. The cusp of change. One that celebrates the bounty of the Earth’s gifts and a Farmer’s pride.

Why Choose Us?


Our farmers are at the forefront of our business. We seek to transform the lives of the farming community, one farmer at a time. We want them to have pride in what they grow, to grow it sustainably and live comfortably off their land for many years. We dream of changing the lives of over 25,000 farmers, and beyond.


Our goal is to train farmers in sustainable agriculture and through this, empower them. We also want to empower our customers by helping them switch to organically and ethically sourced produce.

We believe that how we grow our food is as important as what we grow. This is why we believe in giving back to the environment, every step of the way.

Our aim is to ensure profitable pricing through meticulous processing, value-addition of produce and by using organic methods and technologies to reduce production costs.

Hand in hand

Hand in Hand India is a public charitable trust that operates in 12 Indian states and 2 South-east Asian countries. Headquartered at Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, the NGO’s vision is to alleviate poverty through a unique, integrated community development approach.

They empower small farmer communities by introducing them to innovative technologies and sustainable agricultural practices, which helps further their economic growth. Through organic production, procurement, processing, value addition methods and by using a direct marketing system, they develop a system by which farmers can sustain and supplement their income. Hand in Hand India and the INFPCL provide the farmers with the right resources and training to develop their agro-practices so that they can earn and grow with pride.

Meet the farmers

Meet the farmers


Sirunagar, Tamil Nadu

Honey bee-keeping enterprise

Farmer Raghupathy was one of the first to switch to organic farming practices after attending Hand in Hand India’s organic farming training almost 4 years back. He now has a thriving 15-acre piece of land where he grows paddy and watermelons. He would never have thought of becoming a bee-keeper on his own, but life had its own plans for him. We helped him set up bee-boxes in a small section of his farm. From the sale of honey each month he makes roughly INR 10,000, an added bonus to continue what had turned into his favourite hobby by then. Raghupathy has also become our trainer for the community of farmers who wish to start their own bee-keeping sectors. A win-win solution for all!